Why Join Scouts

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Scouts Canada welcomes boys and girls ages five and up to join their Canadian Path program designed for youth to:

  • experience new things,
  • have more adventures,
  • develop into confident and capable individuals,
  • and be better prepared for success in the world.

What makes the Canadian Path so special?

Youth get to decide on the programs they will follow, what we call a youth-led program. With adult Scout supervision, youth take charge and organize methods to reach their goals and afterwards together review their experiences in what is called “Plan-Do-Review.” This method can help youth:

  • develop into critical thinkers,
  • further their personal progression,
  • and participate in inclusive team building.


Scout Sections

Youth are divided up by age into the various Scouting sections so they can work together as a team to accomplish age appropriate goals.

Beavers (Ages 5-7) – Children in this group are all new to Scouting. Beavers will have lots of fun playing games and making friends as they learn about camping, hiking, and making camp fires.


Cubs (Ages 8-10) – Together as a pack, Cubs plan their adventures and learn new skills and conquer new challenges.



Scouts (Ages 11-14) – Next level Scouting! Scouts take adventure into their owns and and challenge themselves to blaze new trails.compass-icon

Venturer Scouts (Ages 15-17) РScouts in this group still work collectively to accomplish great goals, but focus also on personal milestones and achievements.Tree Line

Rover Scouts (Ages 18-26) – Rovers are young adults who have guidance from a mentor as they meet new challenges and reach for personal new heights.environment-and-outdoors-icon


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